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Funny Money Friday: Choose Your Own Real Estate Reality

Money doesn't have to be boring! Each week, takes a look at the lighter side of the personal finance world in a series called Funny Money Friday.

SoldsignhomeforsaleAll this doom and gloom about the housing market can be a real bummer. Especially if you're a real estate agent. Why put up with it? Why not...make your own news?! Pure genius.

Happy Real Estate News is the brainchild of a statistics company for real estate agents called REality. They've filtered out all the negative statistics, leaving you with pure joy and "positive news coming from many vibrant markets throughout the US." See, there's no need to worry. Zephyrhills is doing just fine. So is Dardenne Prairie and Delhi Township. Here's REality president Leon d'Ancona:

"The problem with glass-is-half-empty stories is that they have an undue psychological impact on markets that is not borne out by all the facts," says d’Ancona. "We know, because it's our business to know, that there are hundreds of cities and thousands of neighborhoods in the United States right now where the market is very healthy, thank you.”

That's right, there are hundreds of cities with healthy real estate markets. That sounds like a lot! Out of how many? Oh, hmmm. There are 30,000 cities in the U.S. Even if he meant 900, that only means that 3% of the American cities have healthy real estate markets? Not exactly a glass half full by my calculations.

Emily Davidson – A former TransUnion insider and a member of's expert team. Emily writes about credit reports, credit cards, loans and personal finance as the editor.

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