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We're IMS Incorporated, creators of REality®, the leading source of real estate market intelligence in North America.

REality is an online program that uses market statistics and our own proprietary formulas to give you the real picture of your real estate market: what's selling in your city, which agents are closing deals, the types of homes that are selling best, selling versus asking price, days on the market, and the hottest areas in town right down a single street.

REality's powerful tools can help you write a business plan and create aggressive market strategies. And that's especially important in tough times.

You can easily produce reports with charts, graphs and lists right on your computer. Use it to educate your clients, and reinforce that they've got the smartest brokers and agents working for them.

REality gives you all the vital information and insights you need to be a successful producer. That's why it's the program used by more best selling brokers and agents across the United States than any other.

Click: www.realestatestatistics.com. And soon you'll be making your own Happy Real Estate News.

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